July 18, 2011

franklin canyon.

L.A. is one of those place you can't help but have a love/hate relationship with. But one of the reasons I really love it is that you kind find places like this right in the middle of the city.

One Sunday, Isabel and I took a walk through Franklin Canyon, which goes from the intersection of Mulholland and Coldwater Canyon down the hills to Beverly Glen.

There's a reservoir (one you can actually walk around and isn't all fenced in), and although the main road is paved and walkers and bikers share it with cars, there are lots of little trails you can explore. Plus--ducks. There were lots of ducks.

None of it is really strenuous hiking like Runyon or even Fryman--it's a place you go to stroll and take it easy. Which is a nice change of pace sometimes from the scene of Runyon and the snakes on Fryman.

And it's really beautiful. Isabel liked it a lot.

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