April 4, 2017

johanna ortiz.

Hi everyone! Back with more to love. I hope your week is looking good.

Every time I feature fashion on the blog, I always feel compelled to reiterate that I am not a fashion blogger. I think it's pretty obvious, and I'm not sure why I need to clarify it. Maybe it's because there are so many fashion bloggers and influencers, and so many that do it so well. And while I would not say that I am fashion fanatic--most days you'll find me in a striped tee and leggings--I do have one or two fabulous things in my closet. And I know what I love.

Today I am loving the Fall 2017 collection of Johanna Ortiz. I see the name "Johanna Ortiz" all the time in my Moda Operandi e-mails, and her designs have always caught my eye. But her Fall 2017 collection is just breathtaking. The Colombian designer seems mostly inspired by The Ruffle, and who knew there were so many variations on it--both for day and night. I love how she mixes denim, chunky sweaters, tees and feminine prints. If I were in the .01%, I would fire off an order for the entire collection today. Alas, I am not, so I'll just keep sighing over these gorgeous photos via Vogue.

All photos (c) Vogue

And a few more things to love today.

I love this photograph by Vivian Maier.

I love these film posters for the classic Things to Come.

And this painting by Lucian Freud. Via Saatchi Gallery.

Night Interior, 1969-70

That's it, but I'll be back soon with more to love. xoL.

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