April 24, 2017

vendors from above.

Well, hello. Here we are again. I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Today we are loving the photography of Loes Heerink. I immediately fell in love with his series Vendors from Above on Art Fucks Me. These photos touched a place in my heart, taking me back to Vietnam, where I recently visited in November.

Of course, the Hanoi street vendors are legendary in what they carry on the back of a bike. While in Hanoi, I'd always see postcards with full flocks of geese or 10 pigs on a bike, but in the streets I'd mostly see fruits, veggies and basket wares.

Heerink lived in Vietnam from 2012 to 2015 and compiled many photo essays on the different regions of the county. And he has gathered his Vendors from Above photos in a book, which you can purchase at his site, plus see more of his photos from around the world.

All photos (c) Loes Heerink

So, I thought I'd go ahead and make this a fully Vietnamese-themed "Love" today.

I love my own images of vendors from my trip to Hanoi.

I love the restaurant feu in Studio City. It's in that strip mall with my dry cleaners, the new pot dispensary, the liquor store, the Jamaican restaurant and the wig shop--you know the one. And they make the most stunning bowl of vegetarian pho. Order it with a side of truffle oil.

And I loved this book, about a Communist double agent who escapes to America after the fall of Saigon (although it seems a lot of people did, as it won the 2016 Pulitzer).

That's all for you. I'll be back soon with more to love.

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