August 14, 2010

lunch + art = tostadas + dinosaurs

So happy to be able to bring you another installment of "lunch + art". As I've mentioned I've been working my buns off, and this week, my boss and I felt it would do me well to take Friday off. Curling up in the fetus position and sobbing in the middle of a work day will do that to a person.


But I did decide to just take a day of leisure, and check out some new stuff I could then blog about. Because that's what I do.

First, I was really excited about this new restaurant that opened on La Brea called Tinga, a sort of cozy, sort of upscale, all kinds of delicious new taqueria. Now, I eat very little meat, but one thing I'm really over is chicken. I just always find it depressing--except when it's made "tinga-style", which is shredded and stewed in a spicy chipotle sauce. It's topped with shredded lettuce, pickled red onions and crema sauce over a tostada. I had it with a watermelon lemonade, and it was a nice light lunch. The plates are cheap at Tinga, but small, and you'll probably want more than one for a meal.

Then I headed over to Beverly Hills of all places for an exhibit at the Lazirides Gallery. Imagine strolling past Spago and all the tony shops and entering a world where dinosaurs drink tea, breakdance, play in bands, surf and dine on other dinosaurs. Because that's what I did. It was cool.

Apparently, this is the gallery's last show in L.A., which is a shame because it's a killer space.

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the actor's diet said...

i want to do BOTH of these things today!!! thanks for the post!


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